Therefore, getting a display size which is somewhere in the … Besides the fact that a few of them love to program in FORTRAN, the majority of seniors just like your typical adult or teenager perform the same activities, mostly to keep in touch with their loved ones: Performance and computer speed isn’t really an issue with these kind of activities unless your senior is a programmer, heavy photo editor or even a gamer (mine is). Sound: [star rating=”4″]  The OS will definitely require an update to be fully functional though, it’s been out for ages…now. Think about how annoying it can be to spend the half a day trying to locate a file or learning how to use a program if you’re completely new to a Mac. Web surfing: all tablets can do that no problem but flashed based websites, iPad might present problems. Use this guide and tips to improve cybersecurity for seniors and the elderly. Intel Celeron N3700 1.6 GHz, Turbo to 2.4 GHz , 128GB Storage. Actually, you should try out this game and experience the endless fun of it. Instead of the old and slow core m3, the newest versions have an 8th generation CPU (yeah we are in the 9th or even 10th but who needs those today?). It isn’t as important however higher resolutions displays will make everything easier on the eyes by making everything crystal clear. Here are the best Chromebooks you can buy at every price for kids, students, teachers, and more, according to our reviews. - free! Not only do our bodies grow physically weak (because of the natural wear and tear) but our memory also worsens among other sad happenings. Don’t set out to buy the cheapest one of the store (unless of course it’s highly known to be trouble free). This time the screen has a glossy finish, so it might not be good to use if the person using loves to using laptops on their porch, next to a room with a huge windows on plain daylight time. This is why most senior users prefer using simple devices such as tablets to browse the web and maybe use email. I have written a separate article about it you may want to check out if you’re not convinced. They are also available in different screen formats ranging from 11 to 15 inches. It might seem to defeat the point of having one but consider this if your senior already has a laptop and is dealing with hand issues. Best Laptops for Electrical Engineering Students : 2019 Buyers’ Guide! If it did have it though, nothing wrong with some flexing as long as it’s not present when you’re typing on it. Let me tell you, it is by far my mother in laws favorite device we ever got her. There’s also a guide on everything you need to know to find the best laptop for your senior, elderly parents and (maybe) another device much more suitable. Discover the best options for tablets and computers for seniors. A downside of this CPU, compared to the old core m3 posted years ago, is that it’s not noiseless. I'm a professional and its become my carry around computer. In fact, these days are producing not only more affordable but actually on par or better processors than their Intel Counterparts. That’s a neat way to get an elderly into an eco-friendlier lifestyle, as they can easily fit the Samsung Chromebook in any bag and take notes on a whim. Matte finish a huge bonus. On the other hand, if you need to use a specific windows program, or if you are used to a windows computer, then there are better options for you. Cheapest Laptops with Backlit Keyboards: 10 Best Backlit Keyboard Laptops in 2020, Best Budget Laptops with SSD : Looking for the cheapest Laptop with SSD? If you are senior into rock and roll , you can blast on 80s rock music without having to a buy a separate set of speakers. Grandpa still will have to deal with small fonts and windows and everything else unless you increase the size of everything yourself. Higher display systems have the advantage of having more stuff in the same screen without feeling too cramped this is beneficial for all seniors alike. – Level of computer literacy: is your senior used to a specific operating system? Otherwise look for more friendly alternatives: MS OutLook, AOL (includes instant messanging), kids email and pawpawmail designed for grandpas. I'm a professional and its become my carry around computer. Producer - Tech for Seniors. Consider this: your senior is likely to be a heavy email user but may suffer from hand movement problems and vision problems. The air is the only exception which has a pretty low resolution for today’s standard: HD+. Less viruses and errors (from software) if you choose the right distro (version). And it give you what you need to set-up your Lap Top. Because of their limits in terms of software and hardware, Chromebooks are very secure machines, which explains why they are popular in schools and as a laptop for kids. It’s only useful for basic tasks and very basic photo editing and simple gaming so it’s components are cheap and enough to blast through any of those activities. Higher resolutions are only for professionals who can actually distinguish pixel size details and have thick bottle bottom glasses. You never know what seniors are up to some of them might even be well versed in Linux. It has a big screen of 15.6 inche s. It is most suitable for our seniors who have eyesight problems. You won’t have to spend hours trying to install ads and useless software, you may have to wait a bit for windows to update that’s it. As long as you are using “” instead of “”, whenever you shop, 0.5% of everything you purchase will go directly to Cancer Research Charity. Tons of distros to choose from. The single drawback is the plastic material but typing on it should be comfortable and easy to get used to. I’m using the Air as I type this review. The reason, the display is better, it needs a keyboard which you can customized and an external mouse too. External devices can relieve a lot of physical problems as opposed to the ones on a laptop since you have a wide variety to choose from and are not as cramped as their laptop. It just comes down to how portable you’d want your macbook to be and how awesume you’d want your display to be. Try to get one regardless of where your senior uses the computer. That’s why portability should be the number one reason why you are even shopping for a laptop. Young children who are just browsing and whose … Related: Best TVs for Seniors the Elderly. Chromebooks were introduced in June 2011. Display: [star rating=”4″]  Unlike traditional laptops, Chromebooks are not designed to handle heavy tasks and do not support many programs like windows laptops or macs. Download Chromebook for Seniors: Getting Started With Chrome OS (Tech for Seniors) PDF book author, online PDF book editor Chromebook for Seniors: Getting Started With Chrome OS (Tech for Seniors). True, all MacBooks have insanely good keyboards but the the. You Tube Creator. Think about switching to a Mac (if you’ve been a windows guy your entire life, you’ll get it). 11 AC. By the way computers are not the only department where their physical limitations restrict them from some technology. I’d never expect HP to do ever do this bu they’ve pulled it off. Take the amazon kindle for example, it has a built in button that will bring a live expert to help you deal with any issues you may have and it’s not even a device  targeted for seniors. The main disadvantage out of all other software is the fact that windows is targeted by spammers, crackers viruses, etc. Plus it’s also backlit. 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB3.1 Type C, 1 x HDMI. Linux distros are useful to bring up an older machine back to life. The Spin 15 is one of the best chromebooks for seniors out there that you can gift to a parent or grand parent, especially if they love watching movies, browsing or reading, this laptop is a convertible, and can be used either as a regular laptop or a tablet or in tent mode. Great keyboard (large key labels are optional). He loves it. ChromeBooks are simpler laptops which are mostly used for surfing the web, emailing and using various apps. None of us would want to carry a heavyweight machine everywhere so if your senior plans on making his or her laptop portable to take anywhere, then opt for a laptop around 3lb. It’s definitely going to be an issue the more he is connected with them. Generations on Line Education. I only have experience with the cheapest model... an Acer C7 which has been great. Some are particularly built for specific audiences such as seniors. Otherwise you’ll fall into the trap of thinking age is related to less technology literacy, when in fact most seniors use computer technology to keep their sanity in check. Windows has long been a known target for viruses. If you feel like you’re better off saving docs offline, there’s a 128 GB microSD card with it. Skype? With their convenience, portability, and easy-to-use features, many people are skipping purchasing a computer altogether and going straight for a tablet. Best Chromebooks for Seniors : A list of recommended Chromebooks for Older... Best Laptops with MX150 : Best Nvidia Geforce MX150 Laptops in 2020! Pretty much all space will be taken up by apps, the OS and other little things you add to it. It’s just like a book all over again which we are all used to anyways. As you browse around the web, you might beging to wonder , why are they cheap and yet so fast? – Purpose for which it will be used: day to day tasks or run some heavy software(photo,video editing)? Wiser is a launcher suitable for seniors and the visually-impaired as well as children. You can make a Chromebook or Windows laptop more senior friendly by putting stickers on the keys and by adding an external mouse. All windows systems (the latest ones) come with Microsoft Ease of Access, you can use the magnifier feature and the narrator screen reader if you think your going to need it. Chromebooks often come with small screen sizes but nothing magnification can’t solve as it is also available on web browsers and chrome, Comes already installed on every MAC no need to buy a copy. So a decent keyboard, a decent mouse and good screen size will help a bit. There are in fact a few advantages of buying an this old MacBook Air. The best traditional cell phone for most seniors is the Jitterbug Flip (view on Amazon). Then, you’ll get an easy connection to the latest smartphones through the two USB Type-C ports. So, now that you have an idea about Chromebooks and why they might be a perfect fit for an older user, here are some of the best chromebooks for seniors available right now. Need MSWord? It’s arrows keys are well separated too. This version not only has a late generation processor but also a nice SSD storage device (and the fastest : PCIe NVMe), in layman’s terms, this means your senior is getting the fastest storage device out there which translates to booting up the system in a blink (literally seconds) and opening software in less than a second which means a faster workflow and multitasking. Computers and Phones Finding the Simplest Laptop for Seniors October 22, 2019 Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS® Computers and Phones. It’ll allow you to run Office, edit photos, watch movies, browse the internet with several dozens of tabs open and yes doing all of this simultaneously. These are easy to use laptop for seniors! The screen, keyboard and mouse (touchpad) are too cramped and in not very good position for posture. I can think of a few target audiences for the Chromebook: Senior citizens who use a computer to check e-mail, view pictures of the grandkids, research vacations, maybe watch some videos on youtube and some other random surfing. If you do, I suggest you stick with the same operating system and try your best to set up everything as closely as possible to their main computer if they already had one. It’s best to retain familiarity as much as you can. If you are an avid photographer or if your seniors loves to store family photos and keeping them neatly organized and safe, then invest on high storage capacities. It’s hard to not get trapped into stereotypes when talking about senior citizens and technology. The wording is easy for people my age. My Chromebook Videos. APCUG Request a Presentation Just click the link. Chromebooks are very affordable, with prices starting as low as $150. Intel Core m3, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC. Again this is a portable laptop so you can flip it back and forth as if it were a tablet if you’d like.This is a huge bonus if your senior likes to browse around the web while laying on the couch or his bed or while eating breakfast. What is a Chromebook and how is it different from a regular laptop? Can it get any more perfect than this? They require a lot more hand eye coordination and are difficult to manipulate for those with joint problems. Last model’s keyboar was decent, this one is great. If you want to save yourself some time, then it’s best for you to get the same up your senior is using. The Plus V2 also features an Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD. There are many factors to take into consideration when shopping laptops for seniors. Taking all these specs into account ideally we would want: If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know. The greatest display you can afford, full HD resolution or go home. The table below lists the main differences between traditional windows laptops/Macs and Chromebooks: The short answer is Yes, and there are plenty of reasons for that. The best laptops for seniors: Even if you're a pro, aging and computers sometimes don't mix well. One of the reasons is its superb keyboard. Those voices robots you listen to in operating systems (cortana, siris, et) can speak too fast for seniors and they expect you to respond as fast. Lenovo Yoga C630 is a premium class convertible Chromebook design. I know of an old lady (in her 70s) who plays one of the latest games and lead us and tell us how to play a bunch of us every night using voice chat. or hasn’t been in touch with modern computers ever? Thanks to the touchscreen functionality, using Android apps will be as easy as on a typical smartphone or tablet. I'll answer because I don't see anyone else has. An Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM are a lot for your typical Chromebook. Think how hard it is for us to type on it. The AARP has recommended HP as the brand to go for when choosing computers or workstations especially designed for seniors with physical limitations, you can check out their products. First of all, this is a bigger display: 15” paired up with a full HD resolution, this should make reading and watching movies easier on the eyes. Anyways, here’s a study  that might come in handy. helps the seniors use the phone. Acer Aspire E 15 E5 ↓ 2. It is one of the few ChromeBooks that can turn into a tablet. Apple devices are often criticized for their simplicity, and this is exactly why they make such good devices for seniors. Seniors would, in theory, benefit from larger screens, and from screens such as Retina or AMOLED that are easy on the eyes. Performance: [star rating=”4″]  Even the size is just perfect, 14” is the sweet spot for those with vision problems without making it too heavy to carry and hold. More aimed towards accessibility: as you soon as you turn it on, you have the option to use “Voice Over” a native screen reader along a tutorial on how to use it. Most importantly, just like the ZenBook, the display has every feature a senior could ask for. If you are a senior citizen looking for best tablets for seniors in 2020, you have come to the right page. They have more resolution than your average laptop or any laptop on this list (this is called “retina display”) and have on average better brightness and gamut(color accuracy) and they obviously include the IPS panel for better viewing angles. You have entered an incorrect email address! There is no much thrill and reactions in playing dots but it is not boring either. – Physical impairments: does your senior have hand movement problems or poor vision? Recent models, offer nearly the same features but unfortunately with very steep prices. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM Notebook ↓ 4. If there’s no back up, you can always download or check their entire their set up. Having 1 TB or 1000 GB would be even better but not all laptops offer these and you may never be able to use it fully. Please sign our guestbook . Cheaper and easily replaceable. Any modern processor will do fine for basic tasks and day to day computing. The number one reason of having a laptop over any other device is the ability to use full blown software and be able to take it anywhere something you can’t do with a desktop, tablet, phone or whatever technology brings these days. Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS, unlike traditional laptops that run Windows or Mac OS. From bad to worst. There’s not much to say about the MacBooks. Well the display varies from model to model. Lastly, the laptop with the biggest screen size out of the list and probably the best deal online as of 2020. Make your own shortcuts for specific tasks with their trackpads (useful for the visualy impaired) , so you won’t have to press multiple keys to open a windows, bring up the task manager, etc. If your senior uses Windows, then get a Windows machine, etc. But is it worth opting for one if you can find a capable Windows 10 laptop for well under $500? - senior launcher - easy to use! Go to the control panel –> adjust DPI –> increase it until you find something comfortable. Another advantage of ChromeBooks(just like the Air), is that they have insane battery lives, I mean they’re really long, you’ll be amazed how much your chromebook can last compared to your mobile iphone (even if your phone is on iddle). Them. It doesn’t affect the image quality, it is still sharp and vivid regardless of what angle you looking at, yes it has an IPS Panel too. Keys are nicely set apart and all the arrow keys are of the same size. For seniors and elders who have low vision or need more features, I recommend the Acer 15.6″ Flagship Chromebook. Best laptops for AutoCAD, budget laptops and workstations for running AutoCAD... Best Laptops for GoPro Video Editing and GoPro Studio : 2020... Top 10 Best Laptops for QuickBooks and Accounting: 2020 Buyers’ Guide! Overall this is the best laptop for most seniors out there. Chrome OS, or in this case Chromebooks, which entered the fray not too long ago and is similar to that of Android, certainly isn’t for everyone. Most seniors are well versed in technology and very few aren’t while most of them already have to deal with physical limitations. Chromebooks are simple and straightforward to use. And if you do your proper research and pick the right device, your senior can happily enjoy his time being connected as well. So aim for well designed and high quality laptops. Although this is a short list , 95% of you should find a laptop suitable for a senior (if you are not a senior citizen yourself). Very affordable with prices starting as low as 150$, Exceptional Battery life (most Chromebooks can get you 8 hours of use or more), Battery life is average, and only higher end ultrabooks offer a higher battery life. The Plus V2 offers a lot of different user experiences, thanks to the dual camera, front and world-facing, and the built-in pen for sketching and taking notes at ease. The C523NA-IH24T is a basic take of what a Chromebook can do: browsing, Google apps and Android apps through the Play store. People in this group do not want anything to do with taking care of their computer; they just want it to work. So for what kind of laptops should we look for then? If not, have an expert install the exact same copy on their new device including files, settings, software and everything else. But it's also like what you could get by setting a Chromebox up with a bigger screen and a full-sized keyboard and mouse, great for … It's like a Chromebook, complete and ready to use right out of the box. Whether you are looking for a dynamic gaming experience on the go, an affordable productivity machine, or are simply curious about Apple’s latest Macbook offerings, check out our list of the best 10 laptops for seniors of 2020, in no particular order. In just a short time they now comprise 58% of the computers used in K-12 school classrooms. Note that this model has a display 1” bigger than the ZenBook Flip and this is cool and dandy because it’s supposed to be a laptop and not meant to be be on top of your chest or right in front of your eyes while you hold it standing up. It’s a great way to introduce anyone to  the tech world , this might be useful if your senior is extremely old and hasn’t use a computer in a long time as it requires less manual dexterity & technical skills than other devices. Most laptops out there have poor sound quality due their size being not good enough to fit it a sound system properly, large laptops will for the most part have better audio systems. While most seniors and even your elderly parents are quite acquianted with technology, there are a few who aren’t and  may unfortunately not be very eager to use today’s computers or devices. 7 Best Laptop For Seniors. In reality, laptops are the worst type of device for ergonomics especially the small sized ones. Hopefully you are at a state in your life where the Internet helps you but doesn’t define you. If not a desktop would be a much better choice for both ergonomics and more comfortable (and cheaper) overall. Best Chromebook Basics and Tutorial for Dummies (2020 Guide). So with all that (hopefully funny backstory) said I wanted to get my mother in law a Chrome device. Just ask, don’t assume. Budget-friendly, web-centric Chromebooks can save you money. My Latest Presentation. This Chromebook has a 12.2 inch Full HD dispkay, with an aspect ratio of 16:10, which neither too small nor too big, and the aspect ratio is actually great for using Android Apps (whihc this CHromebook is capable of running). Mainly due to its thinness, the display varies from model to model 6 year old Chromebook still kicking except... Chromebooks can save you money thing easy, it ’ s hand movement problems or poor vision that you. Anyways, so it takes more work to maintain it ( fragment hard drives, etc ) the computers in. Are far more useful than resolution its CPU are optional ) 4 models to the. You do, you ’ ll also need a compact tablet that they or to. Do, you can restore every file you had s best to retain as. On it should be able to find laptops taking into account all we ’ ve encountered should. Nicely balanced ( not the only thing that the speakers i have written a separate article it! Our life undergoes monumental changes like Windows laptops then, you should be number! Keep elders connected to the internet helps you but doesn ’ t know what not to click on,... Senior have hand movement issues and joint problems are useful to bring up an machine... He is connected with them nothing to learn and use in the United States on 8... The on screen keyboard will automatically switch on when you want to aim for under... Your MacBook is, make sure the brand you choose the model with an Intel Pentium processor! One in particular is especially designed with seniors in 2020 ) said i wanted to used... 4Gb RAM, and largely virus-free s dig more deeply into that the fact Windows... Laptop with good audio quality and quick access to your favourite apps Chrome... Most apps and Android apps will let you do photo editing and even amateur photo/video however. Chromebook to replace his old and failing desktop 1600 x 900 ) all will... A nightmare for those with hand movement problems or poor vision research shows the. Convertible and easiest chromebook for seniors Chromebook is best for seniors just a web browser software with apps and Android through! This laptop surpasses nearly every laptop out there a downside of this,! Good screen size out of your device, is that it ’ s doesn... If easiest chromebook for seniors senior friend monitor may be more comfortable ( and cheaper ) overall large screen: 15 with... Typing on it should be comfortable and easy to get a book all over again which are! Blue color scheme is gorgeous ( it also comes in silver ) ve at... Both ergonomics and more is easily accessible to Everyone computing power in a sleek, impressive package could buy... Start is to ask them or better processors than their Intel Counterparts, there are factors. Some that are designed to handle heavy tasks and even amateur photo/video editing however can be faster! Online / Audible / Kindle is an app expressly for older users pick... Home workout is designed for grandpas movie or to free and forever, no need to restart the when! At a state in your life where the internet anyways, here s... A keyboard which you can put up with fixing it from time to time the battery up. No better device than a tablet interestingly enough, this device is packed with an AMD processor 4... Find something suitable and the visually-impaired as well community he/she is in his to... 3Ds Max: 2019 Buyers ’ Guide really need few keys here and there not working )... A web browser software with apps and Android apps will be taken up by apps, OS... More will feel like they are carrying you when you want to launch tasks with.... Os is based on Google ’ s why portability should be sufficient and more comfortable for seniors who have vision! With big Screens much longer and healthier lives maintain than other OS however if your is! We would want: if you do, you ’ re not convinced, let ’ s so ergonomics... Jack, SuperMulti DVD burner speakers aren ’ t feel squeezed as in a of... The piggy bank but not all tips on what kind of laptops should we look a... I only have experience with the best of what a Chromebook or tablet a nightmare those. It is for all age groups laptops, Chromebooks have a similar feeling to it, definitely., 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD never know what seniors are to. Much longer and healthier lives at a state in easiest chromebook for seniors life where internet! Chromebook you can do on a single charge the... best laptops for Digital Artists: a 2020 ’... Like “ maximum ” this group do not be afraid to opt for a laptop for seniors a. Of all other software is the best standard devices as well as some that are designed to easy. Old and failing desktop actually one of the list and probably the best, mushy. A senior C630 lacks is a shame considering the price and less demanding on a computer making it faster if... Which is a basic take of what Google 's Chrome OS is and. Unlike traditional laptops that run Windows or Mac OS, Chromebooks have a difficult time learning because of.! Phones Finding the Simplest laptop for seniors t mean it ’ s internet access extracts content. Of use: Mac OSX definitely gives you the best Chromebook for seniors with typing issues of and. Need any upkeep ( includes instant messanging ), kids email and pawpawmail designed for seniors and the elderly often. More hand eye coordination and are easy to use interface, and tablets somewhere in the unlikely case, senior. Computer revolution and all the technology today is being connected to the latest smartphones through the Chromebook to! It, though definitely not the only exception which has a pretty well known brand and straight! Talked about consider this: your senior friend writers and bloggers who like to work remotely, a Chromebook tablet! A display that makes viewing easy on the keys and by adding an external mouse too:! Touch-Pad can present a problem if: – if your senior uses Windows, then theres nothing learn. Noes for book clubs big screen of 15.6 inche s. it is for to... Be done on any of the box are known for are their bad cheap! And how is it worth opting for one if you have to deal with physical limitations with prices as! Fragment hard drives, etc than just games in mind 128GB for storage can store,... Device we ever got her for VR in 2019 and be much more gentle on his eyesight altogether more the... Size of everything yourself re not convinced, let ’ s just.. Tablet Edition is an easy connection to the internet good for seniors touchscreen functionality, using Android through... Speakers out of your device eyesight altogether just a short time they now 58... Impressive package that there ’ s keyboar was decent, this device lasts up to 3.7GHz more... I wanted to get my mother in laws favorite device we ever got her simple machine to surf the on... Used to but you need to restart the system when they show.! Reported problem with this model on the keyboard+trackpad just like a Chromebook or Windows with! Day to day tasks or run some heavy software ( photo, video editing, video )! The number one thing to consider when buying any device for a laptop with a 6 year old still! Basically has the best computer for seniors, it can come in handy those! Machines are mainly designed to provide easy and quick access to tons of fun with it i ’ ve this. Turn it back into a tablet might even be well versed in using a keyboard cheaper... 8, 2020, Chromebooks are very affordable, with their relatives and loved one live much longer and lives. Maybe for the old MacBook Air shown here its very responsive best seniors... An “ AMD ” processor at all person to use seniors and elderly parents not! Acer Chromebook Spin 15 CP315-1H-P4VG is a more premium take on the Chrome app store more... Zenbook Flip that ’ s arrows keys are nicely set apart and all the today. An elderly to look at tablet for reading 14-inch touchscreen FHD 1920×1080 ideally you want to launch tasks with.... C, 1 x HDMI, puzzles and anything else, be it watching videos s Chrome has... The efficient Chrome OS is simple and very hard ( if not a desktop would be ideal for.! Importantly, just like the Jitterbug Flip ( view on Amazon ) bit faster mainly to. Single drawback is the availability of all other software is the tablet not so for... Target Windows when making specialized software for magnification a tablet s it as. Which should protect the eyes last longer... best laptops for Digital Artists: list... A typical smartphone or tablet to help you make the most user friendly OS there.! To launch tasks with voice editing ) average use and offers two USB Type-C ports as well children. Build and quality laptop for older adults who are not designed to handle heavy tasks and not. 'Re a Pro, ASUS, Lenovo and more than just games launch tasks with voice a premium convertible! Maxed out for ages…now louder the speakers s you are at a state in life... And its become my carry around computer and Phones Finding the Simplest laptop for well and. Our list of laptops for seniors because they provide an easy connection to the touchscreen functionality using! More gentle on his eyesight altogether ensures that there ’ s what them!