Le Honda HA-420 HondaJet est un avion d'affaires biréacteurs, développé par la société japonaise Honda qui est produit aux États-Unis. Payload increases by 200+ lbs due to weight reductions and increased gross weight modifications. HondaJet Elite not only transports passengers to beautiful and remote locations around our planet, but it also takes care of those places for the next generation to visit. Notes for thrust limits: Power management de-rated minimum static thrust ratings at sea level and 77°F/25°C with no installation losses. Interested in buying this aircraft click here. 2019 HONDA HONDAJET ELITE For Sale in Des Moines, Iowa at Controller.com. A copilot can be added, which will reduce the passenger count by one. Product Categories. This high ceiling allows the HondaJet to fly above bad weather, leading to a much smoother ride. Official Site of HondaJet Corporate Jet Technology. The baggage compartment can hold up to 9.4 bags assuming your average piece of luggage is less than 5 cubic feet. 348, dated July 8, 2016. * Maximum Transient for 2 minutes is 855°C. GlobalAir.com is your partner in connecting you with relevant information and resources. Explore Honda's jet technologies, design, and vision. Above is a photo of the Honda HondaJet Dimensions shown on the aircraft. HondaJet Elite Specifications 422 ktas (782 km/h) 43,000 ft (13,106 m) 1,437 nm (2,661 km) 4,100 ft/min (1,250 m/min) GE Honda/HF120 2,050 lbf/each Derated from 2,095 lbf/each 42.62 ft (12.99 m) 39.76 ft (12.12 m) 14.90 ft (4.54 m) 2 crew + 5 passengers 1 crew + 6 passengers MAX CRUISE SPEED (FL300, ISA) MAX CRUISE ALTITUDE RANGE RATE OF CLIMB ENGINE Accessible from the outside. Crew – $74,100.00 Hangar – $23,302.50 Insurance – $13,377.00 Please call for details and special pricing. The HondaJet Elite boasts increased range, a quieter cabin, an available galley, and a host of other tweaks. Sample Operating Budget. Explore Products. When the HondaJet aircraft is first delivered, the final HondaJet Range numbers will become available. Today we fly to San Diego with our friends Jeffrey The Pilot & Jimmy in their new Honda Jet. The HondaJet Elite HA-420 produced by Honda. It is our mission to be the go to leaders in the aviation industry. All rights reserved. Twenty-eight thousand miles. Simplicity and Automation. Dealer demonstrator available for immediate sale. Il rentre dans la catégorie des very light jets, cest-à-dire de petits avions daffaires à réaction. FIXED ANNUAL. The HondaJet climbs at an impressive 3,990 feet per minute. Common names and abbreviations: HondaJet, HA-420, HondaJet. fitness for any purpose is made or implied. Accessible from the outside. Compare Products | View Site. The Mega Challenges Facing the Aviation Industry and What Can be Done, Airlines Request Bailout - What Can Be Done, R&D Airlines - A Way for Airlines to Find New Routes, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, Honda HondaJet Light Jet Aircraft Overview, Honda HondaJet Engine GE Honda Aero Engines HF120-H1A, HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption, Manufacturer Serial Numbers: 42000011 and up, Operation Types: Day/Night Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Day/Night Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), FAA Type Certificate Application Date: October 11, 2006, Type Certificate Issued: December 8, 2015, Produced under Production Certificate No. The Honda Aircraft Company is currently preparing the HondaJet for it's first delivery, scheduled in 2012. We currently have 0 (new or used) HondaJet Elite HA-420 aircraft for sale. Range Map; Buzz; Aviapages API; Flight Tracker; Mobile Apps; Lab; Go Premium . Our Team Has Worked to Put Together a Full List of The Specifications for the Light Jet Built by the Honda Aircraft Company. VMO Maximum Operating Speed: 270 KIASMMO Maximum Mach Operating Speed: 0.72 MachVA Maneuvering: 220 KIAS, VMCL Minimum Control Speed Landing Configuration, VLE (Landing Gear Extended) /VLO (Landing Gear Operation): 200 KIASVTIRE Max Tire Ground Speed: 165 knots, Manufacturer / Model: GE Honda HF-120-H1A (2 engines mounted on top of both wings)Thrust Output: 2,050 pounds of force (lbf) for each engine.Bypass ratio: 2.9.