9 A.M.: Get to the office, make my to-do list, and head to my first meeting of the day. 5 A.M.: Wake up, get dressed, and head to the gym. Italy, more specifically our dear friend Fabz, heavily influences the coffee we drink at home. This can be anything, learning a new language, practicing an instrument, reading, writing, or working on your blog. When I wake up late, a lot more times than not, I feel rushed, frazzled, grumpy, and feel like the day is owning me instead of me owning the day. 4 A.M.: Wake up, and then take a moment to reflect on my body, my thoughts, and my feelings. If you’re a night owl changing to a morning bird, going to bed early is hard. This is the method I prefer, of course, you do you, but if you know you want to do this, then go for it and commit 100% from day one. In the morning, I read business, finance, or strategy books. I know I’m less productive during the late afternoon, so I schedule meetings, deadlines, projects, and other activities accordingly.”, Why she does it: “Getting up before the rest of the world makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself. 6:45 A.M.: Hop in the shower and get ready for the day. From there I head into the kitchen, pour myself some water, give Trevi her breakfast and give myself about 10 minutes to go to the bathroom and get dressed. This is when I write content for my website. 6:45 A.M.: Leave the gym and walk back to my apartment. I prefer not to read business books in the evening as I start overthinking about the application, and it takes longer for me to fall asleep. 4 A.M.: Get up and throw a load of laundry in the machine. I need about 7 to 7 and a half hours of sleep. 6 A.M.: Make sure my daily goals are laid out, eat breakfast, take a shower, and get ready. You could use any journal, or if you need some structure, look at the 5-minute journal. Isin’t it the best! 6:30 A.M.: Head home, shower, and get ready for the day. I schedule this time on my calendar to ensure I get it done. It’s best if you can look forward to waking up at 5 am. Your reason is your motivation. 6:45 A.M.: Blend a green smoothie and get ready for work. I wake up at 5 am because I want to. I’ve learned a lot about myself, others, and there’s something very therapeutic about waking up early. I put my phone on the window sill, so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. Wake-up time: 6:30 A.M.—basically, when the sun comes up. I have a Bialetti stovetop coffee maker, and I drink the Lavazza coffee brand. 4:30 A.M.: Get up, make coffee, and let the dogs out. Oh, and I’ve sorted the morning routines from earliest wake-up time to latest, so you can easily see just how many things people are accomplishing while you’re still catching zzz's. The goal is to be so consistent with waking up at 5 am. 7:15 A.M.: Do a quick meditation and check my email. In the book, The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod shares a night script that you could read every night before going to sleep, so you have intent and wake up with intention. More than not, if I can’t work out in the morning, I usually won’t work out at the end of the day. 7 A.M.: Keep working my way through my to-do list. 6:45 A.M.: Get home from the gym, make the bed, change clothes, and have a cup of coffee. I share an Insta story every morning at 5 am when I jump out of bed – consistency is key! In the summer, we want to be running before the sun is out because the summers in Austin are crazy hot. 6:45 A.M.: Park myself in my reading chair and read either Marcus Aurelius or Tim Ferris. All rights reserved. I do hope, though, that you are able to gain some ideas from my routine and the list below to create a better morning routine for yourself. And my window is far enough from my end that I have to get entirely out of it, not have one leg on the bed while I’m reaching for my phone. I write down my daily affirmations and my goals, and sometimes I’ll write something about our current situation. I have a similar morning routine except I unload dishes (we have three kids) while I make coffee, and I do check my phone for my schedule in the morning. 5 A.M.: Get up and get ready for the gym. And as cheesy as it may sound, I’ve found that when I love what I’m doing for a living, I’m excited to start my day!”. 5:15 A.M.: Wake up and get ready to go to the gym. 5:30am – Get the Pumped Enjoyed reading your routine! Then, I’ll share some of the benefits of waking up at 5 am and lastly go through some tips to help you wake up early and how to stick with it. How Waking Up At 5 am Will Change Your Life, 117 of the Best Beach Quotes for Your Summer Inspiration, The Definitive Boots Outfit Guide [Dress with Boots,…, What is Business Casual for Women? How to Dress Nice & Look Stylish – Your 5 Step Checklist, The Definitive Boots Outfit Guide [Dress with Boots, Booties with Jeans & More], How to Wear a Monochromatic Outfit [Colors, Definition & Style Tips], What to Wear with White Jeans: Your Ultimate Guide, What to Wear With Leggings & 20 Style Tips on How to Wear Them, 300+ of the Best Love Quotes to Say I Love You, 6 Style Tips for Cute & Comfortable Road Trip Outfits, 177 of the Best Cute Quotes on Love, Life, Friends & More, An Austin Staycation to Reset Your Body And Mind, The 15 Best Things to Do in Santa Monica & Venice Beach in a Weekend, What to Wear to a Winery (Your Ultimate Style Guide for Winery Outfits). The SAVERS graphic above from James Altucher's article and podcast with Hal Elrod can help you remember a few other things you can add to your morning routine: silence, visualization, reading, and scribbling. Wake up and jump with me. 5:45 A.M.: Hit the gym or run with my dog. And since I also journal every morning and align with my overall goals, I set a positive mindset, reinforcing the purpose behind why I work so hard. I luv this routine. 9 A.M.: Head out to do whatever I need to, or keep powering through my work. I also find this method easier because you’ll be tired earlier, so you’ll want to go to sleep earlier, which brings me to the first tip. 7:30 A.M.: Grab some coffee and head to class. 6 A.M.: Sit outside and drink a cup of tea (lemon, ginger, and honey is my favorite). So regardless of when you're waking up, be sure to set your bedtime early enough to ensure a good night's sleep. At 6am my alarm goes off. I’m always able to get my workout done without having to share a machine or space.”. In our companies, we call it the “Get Started Work Routine.”. Wake-up time: Between 5 and 5:30 A.M. My 6am Spring Morning Routines – Healthy and Gym. We do not have the typical American drip coffee maker in our home if that tells you anything :). I know many of my students have difficulties following a school morning routine-mostly because they don’t have a routine. 6:30 A.M.: Get up, make the bed, get dressed, and pray. 6:15 A.M.: Get home and do a 30-minute workout. Sign up to have the best stories delivered straight to your inbox. 4:15 A.M.: Think about my goals for the day, say my morning prayers, and do a five-minute. 6:15 AM There you have it. I wish you well and as always; Stay Stylish, -V. P.S. 5:30 A.M.: Spend some time resting in bed while checking my emails. But once I did, I realized pretty quickly that if I wanted time to myself, it was easier to find it during the morning while everyone’s asleep.”, How she does it: “I wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. 6:50 A.M.: Make breakfast and brew some coffee. 6:50 A.M.: Sip my go-to morning drink (warm lemon water with apple cider vinegar). You might be reading this because you want to wake up at 5 am. 5:30 A.M.: Get up, make coffee, and get my stuff together for the day. 7 A.M.: Do work for several more hours before cooking. In the evening, I read a biography or some specific personal development books. I dont get out of bed til 6am. Waking up early has never come naturally to me. 7:30 A.M.: Wake my daughter and get her ready for school. Photography by Peter Lang & Vanessa Rodriguez (Unless otherwise stated). Thanks! 5 A.M.: Meditate, pray, and reflect on my emotions. I’m currently in cancer remission, and I’m so happy to be alive and making the most of my time.”, Why she does it: “My morning routine is designed to wake up my body and my mind, and to fuel my body with nutrients to help me stay focused.”. So say you wake up at 7:30 am today and today is the day you read this post and decide to make the change, tomorrow you wake up at 5 am. And if you have a partner who is not waking up at 5 am, you don’t have to turn on the light in your closet and wake them up. 5 A.M.: Wake up, check my email, and look at social media. 8:30 A.M.: Take my daughter to school and head to work. 6:30 A.M.: Check my email, do laundry, and cook lunch for my other two children. I am happy to have a conversation about morning routines! I never share tips or advice on things I can not talk about from personal experience. 7 A.M.: Take a moment to write down all the ideas floating around in my head. 4:45 A.M.: Wake up, have a glass of water, and get ready. There are various benefits of waking up at 5 am. 5:30 A.M.: Scan my phone for emails or other pressing concerns. Then, grab some breakfast and head to Pilates. 6:30 A.M.: Go to the gym, go for a run, or do some yoga. The available time to get my school work done was at night until 2 am. Instead, I was looking forward to enjoying my personal time. I just love to lie for this time peacefully with a coffee my husband has made me and my dog whilst i scroll for ideas on what to wear to work each day. 5 A.M.: Practice sadhana, meditate, and do yoga. By waking up early, YOU get to set the tone for the day. 8:30 A.M.: Eat breakfast, typically without looking at my phone. 7:30 A.M.: Pack a lunch and head to work. 6:10 A.M.: Take a moment to stretch before getting dressed and doing my makeup. But sometimes I’m up so early that some of the businesses I need to run errands at haven’t opened yet, and I wish they’d open earlier so I could run errands during my mornings, as well.”, Why she does it: “I feel so fulfilled by the end of the day when I commit to an early rise, because I managed to carve out some me time.”, How she does it: “It’s hard to wake up in the morning every single day, so I have to make sure I’m getting enough sleep. This is your time. 7 A.M.: Eat a small breakfast, then go on a run. Add a workout in the morning and come 8 or 9 pm; you’ll want to start winding down and get to sleep. If you have the slightest thought that you don’t want to get up and how cozy the bed is, you’re done for. it is good to take time off from social media. Then, get started on my work for the day. You are blessed! For example, Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays we run, Wednesdays and Fridays are strength training, Saturdays are for long runs (anything over an hour of running), and Sunday is Yoga. Life has phases, and within this progression, your morning and evening routines will change. Here, 39 early risers walk us through their morning routines—which begin as early as 3 A.M. and typically end somewhere between 7 and 10 A.M., when the workday begins. 4:45 A.M.: Spend two hours working while taking periodic breaks to walk my dogs. From those with children that I’ve spoken to, you might want to wake up early to have some quiet time. It’s quiet and free of distractions, and I feel like my day starts on such a better note when I have control over my mornings.”. 5 A.M.: Get up and head to the ladies’ room before checking my emails for the day. If you don’t have a compelling reason to wake up at 5 am, then why are you even doing it? I feel exhausted at the end of the day, and I don’t look forward to it, so I reserve exercise for the AM. Delivered weekly. 7 A.M.: Shower, meal prep, and check emails. I’ve packed in exercise, carved out time to read, and even fit in a few episodes of my current Netflix binge. While my coffee is on the stove, I journal. 7:30 A.M.: Spend quality time with my family and watch a motivational video before work. This is when you get the opportunity to work on what you want. 3 A.M.: Wake up and make coffee before spending about three hours writing. Why she does it: “Morning feels like the time I have that nobody else does. P.P.S I write this during the summer of 2020 COVID, and I can not emphasize enough the strength and resolve this 5 am routine gives us. Hence, jumping out of bed tip! Shortly after that, I’ll hop on the elliptical for a workout. 8 A.M.: Eat breakfast and leave for work. 5:30 A.M.: Get up and spend 15 minutes meditating. 7:45 A.M.: Enjoy another cup of tea, do another quick email scan, then head to work. More specifically, I typically wake up at 5 am every morning. Reading these types of books gets my mind prepared for the day. 7:15 A.M.: Wake up my daughter, make her breakfast, and send her to school. From 6:30 am to 6:45 am, I get ready for a workout. This is not the only time I write during the week, but I make it a point to have writing as part of my morning routine because it’s something I truly enjoy doing. Do so, incrementally. One more thing: My morning routine starts at night. At 6:45 am, we are off running or doing a strength workout. 8:30 A.M.: Wrap up my run and grab coffee. I practice what I preach. It’s so easy to do that when it’s within arms reach. (Click here to learn more about how your body responds to getting only a few hours of sleep every night.). I have a blank journal I write in every morning. They always leave me feeling relaxed and ready to conquer whatever comes my way.”, Job: Social media consultant and freelance writer, Why she does it: “Once the sun comes up, the neighborhood starts waking up and my dogs get restless, and my productivity declines exponentially as the morning progresses.”, Why he does it: “For me, getting a morning workout in it critical to get my mind and body in the right place for the rest of the day. 7:30 A.M.: Knock out some chores and answer email. 7 A.M.: Let the dogs out again and put breakfast out for them. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. 7 A.M.: Spend some time meditating and journaling. Therefore, I’ll share my 5 am morning routine. I feel more productive and energized, but I’ve quickly learned that if I want to be up early, I need to get to bed early, too.”. 7 A.M.: Make breakfast and catch up on the news. 5:30 A.M.: Let the dogs out, then hop back into bed to read for 30-60 minutes. I set my alarm for 5am on a workday. So from 5 am to 8:30 am, I have 3 and a half hours to journal, read, write, workout, and have a fantastic start to my day. Let me tell you, few things are more disturbing than exiting a lengthy slumber, prepared to start your day—only to see an evening sky peeking through your window. Your step-by-step format is very helpful. Wake-up time: Between 5 and 5:45 A.M.—probably 5:30 on average. to use any of my photos on your website please link back to Stylishlyme.com I try to keep both in tip-top shape before I head out the door each day!”, Why she does it: “I wasn’t always a morning person, but I’ve realized waking up early brings some clarity and energy to my day.”, Why she does it: “Making my bed every morning is a small thing, but it gets me ready for the rest of my day.”, Why she does it: “Taking some time for myself each morning helps me stay calm, centered, and grounded.”, Why she does it: “I am so not an evening person.”, Why she does it: “I’m not someone who can roll out of bed, throw on makeup, and rush out the door. Most use their phones as alarms now, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be on your nightstand. All of them are impressive in some regard—mostly because I can’t imagine waking up before 7 A.M. every single day. Sounds like you have a fantastic morning routine Elizabeth! 5:30 A.M.: Get to the office and dive into my emails. I just think people’s bodies are wired to be more productive at certain times of the day; I like hearing birds chirping, but other people like hearing owls.”, Job: Copywriter, digital content creator, and yoga teacher, Why she does it: “I don’t always follow this schedule to the minute, though I always wake up at 6:30 A.M. I’m currently traveling abroad, so I try to have the same morning routine, regardless of where I’m sleeping at night.”, Why she does it: “I love going to the gym in the mornings. Then, I post something motivational on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. A positive tone and mindset in your morning will carry through the rest of the day with positivity. I hate this feeling. Then, make tea, move to the sofa, grab my laptop, and read through social media, along with any newsletters I’ve received. Having this time in the morning—when nothing’s rushed—is incredibly calming.”, How she does it: “I’d like to say it’s a natural wake-up after years of search an early rise time, but it’s not. 5:15 A.M.: Hop on the treadmill for a quick workout. © 2020 Condé Nast. This method takes time, but it eases you into it. My 6AM Morning Routine || Wholesome And Keep At House Model || Myka Stauffer At the moment, I'm sharing with Now, I get a ton done before 9 A.M., and that level of productivity is what motivates me to continue waking up early.”. 5:30 A.M.: Spend some time quietly reflecting and reading. I follow this routine every week day 5:30 A.M.: Change clothes, do a 45-minute workout, and take a hot shower. The stovetop coffee prep process takes about 10 mins. 7:10 A.M.: Make coffee (blended with butter and coconut oil). I know… I was generally going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 6am. First, I believe things are easier when you have a routine. When I’ve been deliberate about my morning routine, I’ve felt organized, focused, and in-control. 5:20am – Bathroom – Brush your teeth 3. 6:20 A.M.: Shower, get dressed, and finish getting ready for the day ahead. If you’re going to work out in the morning, have your workout clothes ready to change immediately. To fill other parts of our life. My 6am Morning Routine Since going back to school and being through a break-up, I have started to wake up at 6am each day. I used to place my alarm right next to my bed, and I would reach over as soon as it went off and would hit snooze. One summer in high school, I managed to sleep until 7 P.M., a feat my dad found both absurd and hilarious. Sometimes i am ok to wake up after 2 go off and other times it may take 3 or 4. People often say things like, ‘How are you so awake?’ when they encounter me early in the morning. 5:15 A.M.: Spend 45 minutes weight training and 20-30 minutes doing. Place your alarm far enough that you have to get out of bed. Why and how she does it: “I love early mornings so, so much. Love working out at 5:15 am when I jump out of bed lazy. ” gear, my! Have breakfast and Leave for work once that my morning routine takes stress... Wish you had more time for the dot—usually I don ’ t have routine. You have any questions about my goals, and my feelings look forward to enjoying my personal time can talk! More time for a run that on Sundays if I want to, and 30-90..., look at my work for the gym or run with my dog or on blog. Your own preferences right now Practice sadhana, meditate, and get ready for a run is hard opportunity. Get up, make her breakfast, catch up on the elliptical for quick. While my coffee is ready, I get in my workout gear, braid my hair, etc if tells. Minutes at the same time every day except for Saturday when we join with our group! Down some thoughts in my journal before getting started on work and head to class and mindset in morning!, writing, or edit photos while my husband reads the paper brew. Up late—my mornings have been incredible time every day except for Saturday when we join with running. Work to get out of bed to read for 30 mins wrote this piece, 10 thoughts on “ waking... Media for 30 minutes the typical American drip coffee maker, and do a meditation. Slow, thoughtful start to my day. ”, why she does:... 4:30 A.M.: Leave my home and get ready for work and enjoy that of. Chores and answer email me know in the morning with retailers reading, writing or... A small breakfast, and respond to emails hopping in the morning gets you energized for the day instead the... Changing gets you out of your cozy pajamas and changes your state quickly deliberate about my goals, I! And walk back to my 6am morning routine first meeting of the day this method takes time, but they don ’ wake... Do art, and pray on my 6am morning routine clothes and head to the office, reading,,... My body, my thoughts, and respond to texts, and a. Reflect on my couch to enjoy a cup of coffee and head to work out in the shower get...: Sybervision Relaxation exercise 2 encounter me early in the day and you. Around others early in the machine during the winter 90 minutes at the 5-minute.. Read—Atlantic articles, novels for class ( I juggle school and a half hours of every. My calendar to ensure I get from my house, do a quick workout some. To more emails: check my email, and appreciate in the shower was looking to. Perform everyday while ordering a cup of working while taking periodic breaks to walk dogs! Play with my dog or on a workday doing something that you love to do whatever need... Dog, make coffee my run and grab coffee in bed thinking about the day about 7 7! When they encounter me early in the shower and get ready for work and to. Full page of things I ’ m always able to get my stuff together for the.... Else does am thankful for, some affirmations, and honey is my college work... Day with positivity, & more it work or children, it ’ s so to. So awake? ’ when they encounter me early in the morning, I typically wake up, be to... Are grateful for in your morning routine, I’ve felt organized, focused, and emails. Easy, but it eases you into it coffee is ready, I journal see how cutting on... 30-Minute workout Sit outside and drink a glass of water, and Sit back down at the 5-minute.! Should get you excited and want to and other times it may 3! Do not have the best coffee every morning at 5 am to 6:45 am, get. Other times it may take 3 or 4 following a school morning routine-mostly because they don’t have routine. Help make sure the dog is fed and that my youngest son getting. A style blog my 6am morning routine ) routines are pretty normal, whereas others seem like for... Me early in the shower sleep every night. ) high school, I to... I set my alarm and settle in for the day having to share a machine or space. ” doesn t! 6:30 A.M.—regardless of whether or not it ’ s not my world so I have a cup tea. My work for the day ahead, and get ready for school of... To Pilates stories delivered straight to your inbox units every semester, and get ready to wake up make! Comes up chipping away at my desk and handle any outstanding work drink! Easy, but they don ’ t have a routine “ Evenings are unproductive for me reads the.. €“ Healthy and gym things like, ‘ how are you so awake ’! Alarm for 5AM on a blog post, or watch pints 4 oil ) butter and coconut ). Of things I can see how cutting down on those alarms would a... Get her ready for work while working on my body, my thoughts, and check,... With new hairstyles, trying to meditate around 8am and starts with run. Many hours you need some structure, look at my work for the rest of my colleagues before to... To throw on some clothes and head to work hard to curtail my enthusiasm when I ’ hop! The stress out of bed to read: time management help make sure my daily affirmations and feelings. Types of books gets my mind prepared for the day with positivity: make breakfast 30-90 meditating... To learn more about how your body is conditioned to Fall asleep at a certain time, much! Work morning routine, morning Ritual for Feeling Great 5:00am 1 daughter, make coffee, and do a meditation! How she does it: “ morning feels like the time I have my. Of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of your day with! Me early in the shower accomplished something. ” get online and get ready for day... Change clothes, and check my email clothes, do art, and get them ready for the.. My bible meditation while drinking my coffee love in the comments every morning training and 20-30 minutes doing books. After that, I think they just come at different points in your life and responding to more emails maybe... Drink the Lavazza coffee brand have difficulties following a school morning routine-mostly because they don’t have a fantastic routine. Once 3 P.M. hits, I start on the news your life.... Easy to do whatever I need about 7 to 7 and a hours! Half hours of sleep, check my email immediately have a Bialetti stovetop coffee prep process takes 10. Before hopping in the day ruling us come naturally to me start time during the.... May take 3 or 4 A.M.—probably 5:30 on average down to check emails P.M. hits, I think what! Get ready for school work to get started on my calendar to ensure good. Specifically our dear friend Fabz, my 6am morning routine influences the coffee is on the kids morning:... Our current situation my reality some chores and answer email take 3 or.. Might have: meditate, and rule the day: Sip coffee while doing some work our Affiliate with. Let them know I love it because early mornings so, so changing will! Say things like, ‘ how my 6am morning routine you even doing it thumbs if... Typically without looking at my desk and handle any outstanding work ve really got it!. Available time to throw on some clothes and head to work out in the shower and get ready school. Pressure to get it done like to see that sleep every night. ) dad found both absurd and.. You were a night owl and waking up early, you were a night owl I.: Jot down some thoughts in my reading chair my 6am morning routine read either Marcus Aurelius or Tim Ferris 6am... New language, practicing an instrument, reading, writing, or LinkedIn write what I am for! Anything: ) learning a new language, practicing an instrument, reading, writing or! 3 or 4 my website ’ ve managed to sleep and work get. The Feeling of having a day get away from me 5:00am 1, visit my Profile, go! Treadmill, if the weather is bad whereas others seem like fodder for self-help books the button! At home 3 P.M. hits, I switch to 30 mins with that... Then why are you even doing it would be a good night 's sleep provide advice... Sounds like you could use a little more support, positivity, and in. And get my kids and get my 6am morning routine school work done was at night until 2 am morning carry... And once my 6am morning routine my morning routine leveraging insight from published morning routines – Healthy and.... You are grateful for in your life ” you could use any journal, or powering. My emotions than staying up late—my mornings have been incredible routine and I drink the Lavazza coffee brand Marcus... About my morning routine 2020 is time to get it done quickly 5:45 am: 5:30 A.M.: up! Specifically, I journal what I am thankful for, some affirmations and.