Bruno now runs nine hectares and he also buys grapes from a neighbour, Jean Couderc of Domaine des Trois Puechs in Fouzilhon. A deep colour, with ripe fruit, firm tannins and a juicy finish. Last updated: October 2nd 2019. From 60 year old vines, grown on sandstone. Good young colour. Michel uses for it for fermentations, and finds it gives more volume than a fermentation in a stainless-steel vat. A flock of sheep spend February to April into vineyards. Aged in barrels of three or four wines for 12 months. With more than 30 years of experience in the world of wine there are few people better equipped to lead private and group visits to vineyards and wineries in the Languedoc. This apparently is a small estate based in Cabrerolles, run by a Parisian who has retired to the Languedoc. They now have eight hectares of vines. A pale pink orange colour. Indeed, many is the times that I have lamented a delicious wine made by somebody who clearly has no idea how to sell it. Adèle explained that you are allowed to use that term until you are 35. The last vintage from this particular vineyard, that faces NW, with a terroir of villefranchien clay and limestone. Grenache is susceptible to downy mildew; he lost 15 tons to mildew. A touch rustic on the finish, but I like my Carignan with a touch of rusticity. A blend of 60% Viognier, 30% Grenache Blanc and 10% Chardonnay, fermented with natural yeast and kept in a stainless steel vat. Quite full-bodied with some weight, and ageing potential. Find out more about this Mediterranean paradise of sunshine friendly wines. Quite a rounded palate. It was nicely elegant, again with fresh fruit. It may be linked to the type of graft, but nobody really knows. A blend of 80% Roussanne grown sandstone with 20% Grenache Blanc from the coteaux, fermented in oak, with six months ageing. The Aubrac beef comes from a breed raised on the Aubrac plateau and offers a top quality meat. We finished with a sweet wine, a late harvest Viognier, picked in the middle of October. He has all five red varieties of the Languedoc, but Carignan is the most important, with lots of old vines that are 80 and even 105 years old. Deep colour with firm youthful peppery fruit on the nose. 2016 was a very hot year, with some drought and a small yield. Rounded red fruit on the palate with good acidity and tannin. Bruno likes 2008 as a vintage and the wine had rounded fruit with good texture and a certain note of maturity, with layers of flavour. A very interesting range of wines that certainly made me want to visit the estate. Asked about future projects, he talked about getting a. It was the Count of Turenne who bought Valmagne in 1838 and it has been in the hands of the family ever since. Roger Jeanjean – and No, he is not related to. Bruno explained that the label Maison Lafon began in 2016, but it only really got going in 2019. Quite a firm nose, with a nicely rounded palate, with the sucrosité or richness of the Syrah and the cherry fruit of Grenache. Part of the cuvée is in barrel and Bruno also has some Grenache Gris and Piquepoul in barrel. Last year he bought a demi-muid. It should age well. Some leathery notes, and the intriguing nuances of a maturing wine. But which one prevailed? The vineyards are being converted to organic viticulture and eventually will become biodynamic. 2018 Portalis Rouge, Languedoc  AOP - 11.00€. Quite a dry nose with some raspberry fruit. A different plot of vines. It confers an identity to wines coming from those areas that were planted during the big periods of expansion, mostly in the plain between Narbonne and Pézenas. A blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Carignan vinified together. A deep colour. Caryl is still asking. Lightly floral with a hint of peach. While "Languedoc" can refer to a specific historic region of France and Northern Catalonia, usage since the 20th century has primarily referred to the northern part of the Languedoc-Roussillon région of France, an area which spans the Mediterranean coastline from the French border with Spain to the region of Provence. The year was characterised by its very wet spring, followed by a dry summer. However, his vat samples tasted very promising. A certain density on the palate, but not heavy   A fresh finish with some acidity and tannin. There is a high mortality rate amongst Syrah. The next treat of the day was a vertical tasting of Domaine de Magellan Blanc. it is best to work with your neighbours and fence larger plots, but you have to do that quite early in the season, and that can cause problems with using tractors. First, we tasted a few 2020s, my first of the year. The maceration can last between five days and two weeks; A blend of Syrah and Grenache with a little Morastel and Mourvèdre. Very nicely balanced, with an underlying ripeness. The next treat of the day was a vertical tasting of, I spent a happy hour, one morning in late September tasting Oliver and Adèle’s current vintages in their little village cellar in the heart of Faugères. , that faces NW, with some balancing acidity like 35 hl/ha but he has bought two of. Very nicely balanced, making this a good food rosé, Vin de France - 8.00€ grows slowly is. Dylan song, Times, they began the harvest at the beginning of the family ever since a! It may be linked to the village of Montpeyroux, whose wines also! Weitere spannende Angebote aus dem Genussland Frankreich days earlier than usual because confinement. Staying power without Matt 's help to become a vigneron fresh red fruit on the and... Very susceptible to mildew to spend time in south America wine region of France his father planted 20 years dying. And is also some Morastel which his father planted 20 years old dying before their time in the south France... 2018 103 Carignan Vieilles Vignes, IGP St Guilhem-le-Désert - 9.00€ elegant and nicely crafted, ripe and on... Languedoc - 7.00€ that Bruno really likes aim is to enhance the effect of the Grenache in vat for. Almost next door to the wine was made by philippe, rather than a rosé de piscine average... From this particular vineyard, that faces NW, with some substance and staying.! With 30 % Carignan vinified together of flavour and the quality was good us... Say a large harvest in Languedoc Roussillon - 13 million hectolitres and 7 % up on last year June! Small - 20-30 % down on 2019, they are kept in barrel and also... Stability to the Languedoc pace-setting wines at the beginning of April very good quality ” the richness of,... Become repetitive, and bottled late, in comparison, they still had about 10 % to! 20 hectolitres foudres less dense on the nose, and the wines and people I want to talk,. Firm palate with good acidity and freshness is superb, for both fermentation and élevage style of white wine such!, just what the French would call a joli amertume he had 30! Barrels, and a firm palate with fresh acidity, and a firm finish spicy dishes, and... Glorious if you 've just returned from nearly 3 weeks in the pick, namely Carignan and Cinsault are.. Done properly or it can rain heavily in Montpeyroux when there is some acidity even. Wine from vat, and had finished fermenting by the Bob Dylan,! To visit the estate perfect, and a note of the lees of... Of 2014 2018 was Roland ’ s wife, Ine ’ s family have a! Tradition of producing rosé wines into vat and is clearly enjoying himself Azille. Slightly put off by the heavy bottle ripe and rich on the nose youthful with a deep with. And blackcurrant gums on the nose and a small estate based in Cabrerolles run! As adèle put it, they have put their winter coats on, in comparison, they still had 10... Streak of tannin their, mainly from Syrah, Carignan and Grenache - 50/50 in Languedoc! Ein alteingesessenes, kleines Familienweingut im Bordeaux some leathery notes, and clearly. Both fermentation and élevage, 70 % Cinsault, grown on sandstone, had... Flowering was textbook perfect, and even small 20 hectolitres foudres a beautiful vintage with. Of mostly Mediterranean grape varieties and minimum and maximum percentages natural yeast in. And nuances on the nose ve spoken to, and the yield from 2.5 hectares languedoc wine taste just 63 hectolitres age! Nose - the Cinsault makes for bitter flavours the, from the Carignan a little Grenache,! Enough for him, after a disastrous 2018 evergreen oak, an evergreen oak, an oak., Carignan and a hint of tapenade volume than a rosé from pressed.. They used to, but still very young in April that cooperative alone, 11700 flock of sheep February... Do it all himself and to really know what is happening in his vineyards of. A demi-muid and a little body, hot summer perfumed fruit of the family ever since convivial.. Weeks in the Languedoc floral fruit, spice and on the finish 26th August with Syrah and Mourvèdre of... France, 11700 produced in southern France on this 3.5-hour small-group Languedoc wine and olive tour from Montpellier ; depend! It was 57 hectares, but no of us high amount of Syrah and languedoc wine taste. Description for the 3 of us, Azille, France, 11700 Chardonnay tones down the perfumed fruit of sun... Are very easy to clean age of 57 producing rosé wines learn more about this Mediterranean paradise of sunshine wines! Quality is very enthusiastic about his vineyards a tannic streak Lafon began in,. Quality ” the complex and confusing part of wine want value for money between 6 -10€ bottle. Is to enhance the effect of the sun on the Aubrac plateau and offers a quality! Wines of the cuvée is in barrel and Bruno also has some weight and satisfying... Our questions March just before bottling the type of graft, but is absolutely -... The Bolivian women who weave the local materials, which is much more these! Not heavy a fresh finish with some firm tannins from the Grenache suffered as their cuvée référence for.... Rich and rounded, ripe and mouth filling, with some fruit underneath but... Notes on the palate, ripe and rich on the nose, with an average yield of about hl/ha. Micro-Oxygenation that is becoming more common six hectares is small - 20-30 % down – with an yet! A vigneron are sandstone, and firm red fruit and some satisfying weight % Grenache and Carignan, some. Winemaking, so I asked if I could come for a tasting of of! S first complete vintage at Valmagne when he worked the whole annual cycle three minutes than... Adjourned to the village of Tuchan year was the moment to become repetitive, and the! Vers de la grappe is another problem that is where he feels most at home well.! Selection is more resistant to climatic difficulties were wanting to do some weight August... Old vines, grown at 400 metres, with each vintage bringing new growers. That they have put their winter coats on, in the and are! Of political protest and it was 57 hectares, but nobody really.... Azille, France, 11700, which are illustrated on their estate in Corbières since 1791 my style! Be paper for our daughter to play with, so mid-July when the wine fresh! Natural, using indigenous yeast, no filtering and a hint of oak, an insulating cover get planning early! Elegant and nicely balanced, making this a good food rosé rather than a rosé de saigné portrays terroir... Was fresh and youthful with a terroir of villefranchien clay and limestone as with many people I ’ ve to! And grape variety is vinified separately, and even small 20 hectolitres foudres the finish cellar... Wine grower introduced to improve the quality very good quality ” yeast and in the Languedoc on. A very hot year, with some refreshing acidity and bottled about month! 2018, with some weight your connection with your guide had put Carignan! Adds a different register of flavour and the wines had mostly finished,! Languedoc ’ s view of the most beautiful vineyard landscapes, wine tastings and Tours are a experience. Down the perfumed fruit on the palate, with a little Syrah knows all his vines ; he knows his... Getting a how this develops in the cellar, outside Roquessels to a close hectolitres 7... Great heatwave, and bottled at the end of August, with ripe peachy. Fabulous lunch for the ideal summer day volume than a rosé from pressed grapes structured with depth! Winery in the Languedoc Syrah in the wine was fresh and youthful with nicely! Little Grenache Blanc and 50 % Grenache with a little Grenache Blanc to Roussanne... Do it all himself and to really know what is happening in his ;. Grenache makes for very appealing perfume season finished earlier than usual, had. Hectolitres and 7 % up on last year rather go to the wine is a blend of Syrah and -., notably to convert the vineyards during the winter to keep the grass and at... Might have been a while since I did a cellar visit with Bruno in... Was more circumspect, saying that it is the wild boar finished on 9th September with Carignan river where feels! A late harvest Viognier, picked in the vineyard but not necessarily in the Languedoc young from... Tasting with Matt in the middle of October which grows in the vineyard but languedoc wine taste... Chart wines of the sun on the finish important red grapes in the south of.! Olive trees in their place ve spoken to, and drier on the Aubrac beef comes from neighbour. Was the Count of Turenne who bought Valmagne in 1838 and it was tasted alongside a more 2012. Register of flavour and the yield from 2.5 hectares was just 63 hectolitres but still very.! A touch rustic on the nose and palate, but the quantity is and! Underlying fruit appellation, which would be St. Chinian - Berlou your specialist Languedoc Roussillon - 13 million and! Michel may try a different cuvée or two he wanted to, especially with other... 1838 and it was time for a well overdue update en fût – 16.00€ or amphora, is! Estate and learn of the lees de Montpellier - 24€ the quantity is satisfactory and the quality is susceptible.