For example, if a new facility opens up, or there’s a debate about where to put a planned project, post about it and encourage your followers and visitors to get involved so that they have a say in the matter. Instead of showing multiple properties using these types of ads, show one property per ad and show images from different parts of the home to give viewers an idea of what to expect. The active users of Facebook increase to 2.23 billion as per statista. Take your contest one step further and use a branded real estate hashtag to track your campaign’s performance. Ask people to follow your page for a chance to win or ask them to sign up to your email newsletter to hear about even more exclusive contests. Keep in mind that 65% of the population are visual learners and 90% of people use videos to help them make decisions. Advertisements While advertising doesn’t come with the same ROI as does quality content marketing, it can find its place as a supplement to an effective real estate social media strategy. Technology trends change frequently. Facebook Messenger now has over 1.2 billion users with 1 billion messages sent between people and businesses every month. Writing about your passions will make your content more enjoyable – both for you to write and for others to read. You’re also armed with the best practices for crafting your message, so now it’s time to figure out what you should send and when. Video is crushing the real estate game these days! We live in an age where people like to research online before they commit to a purchase. (And if you ever have any ideas for me… hey, send them my way! Instead of only posting pictures that have been shot straight on, the drone allows you to capture birds’ eye aerial views as well. But you can show that elephant the door, once and for all, if you take the time to talk about all the work you do for your clients. Remind them that you’re a small business owner and that you keep your doors open based on the commission checks of the clients you advocate for each day. Another way to show your engagement and commitment to your community is to partner with causes that matter to you. In this video, Kristen talks about the power of shifting your mindset from “it’s happening to me” to “it’s happening for me” and what can happen when we reframe challenging moments as opportunities. The more reach you have, the more traffic you’ll generate to your page. To truly succeed at an open house, you must show the visitor the value of “coming by.” Like this example, create a post theme for the format and colors you use so that your testimonials stand out on the page and are easy for users to read. Many people do not know what is involved until they are ready to sell. Link out to the Home Buyer’s Guide to provide value with a comprehensive overview of the home buying process and the benefits of working with a real estate professional. Do the neighborhoods your properties are listed in have amenities that appeal to your target audience? You're busy! Your posts don’t all have to have the same polished look, but the first thing people see when they land on your page are your profile and cover photos. Also, if a house sold for more than asking, put the percentage of how much more in your “sold home” posts. 25. Specifically social media. When you have a special offer, remind users about it more than once. To say that the best real estate marketing ideas have been all over the place in the past few years is a wild understatement. Graphs can also be about what’s going on in the market right now, like interest rates and housing trends. From securing a mortgage to engaging in multiple bidding wars only to lose out on a dream house, customers have a lot of frustrations to face. Get your audience excited about it so that they take part and you’re able to achieve your campaign goals — like more email signups, new leads, or an improved customer experience. We could totally use these tips of yours. Brainstorming ideas for your Facebook content calendar can be a daunting task, especially without inherit creativity. This way, depending on what people are searching for on Facebook, your content will appear in the search results. For example, show the before-and-after images and explain what updates were made to the property — increase in value — and tips to how your audience can update their own homes. Writer’s block happens to the best of us and it’s easy to put off creating new content when you’re busy negotiating new contracts, following up with leads, hosting events, and all the other time-consuming activities that make up an agent’s typical day. But you don’t want to disappoint your current clients, and definitely don't want to miss a lead opportunity, so check out these five scripts that can help buy you some time. Recycle Content. See More Real Estate Marketing Ideas! Choose the right GIF to share and your audience will want to keep coming back to your feed to see new content. To help your buyers, sellers and renters out, create an A to Z glossary of various real estate … Of course, knowing that you need to be on social media doesn’t make it easy. Choose a bold color like red or yellow so that as people scroll down your page, these types of posts stand out immediately. Now you just need to find some initial subscribers and get started. It’s important to get as much attention as possible for new listings to improve your chances of selling them quickly. Once a week, post about your custom tab to remind users that it’s available for them to use to find properties. On top of this, video posts have a 135% higher organic reach compared to image posts. Pick the top ten options you can implement immediately and create a social media calendar so that you can plan out what you’ll post and when. GET IN THE COMMENTS! While staging is worth the extra effort, it can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Help them with this process by sharing whitepapers. Here are 28 commercial real estate marketing ideas to help you stand out in 2020. This will help you to be consistent so that people know what to expect and when. I EXPECT TONS OF BANTER ON THIS EPISODE #QOTD - Are you a chugger, or did you have a turning-point moment, and if so, what was it? 5. First buyers have to decide on what they’re looking for in a home, get pre-approved for a mortgage and set a budget, find an agent, find a home they like enough to bid on, submit an offer, and negotiate. Once you’ve made the draw, ask the winners to share pictures of themselves enjoying their prize. Use your real estate Facebook post to give something away for free. Article explains how often real estate professionals do not engage with blogging because they believe they do not have the time or the ability to get it done. By this point, houses have been on the market for an average of three months, which makes them good candidates for a price reduction. That’s why when a customer gets what they want, it’s worth celebrating and sharing a post about it on your website. Check out Sharon Steele’s Sold by Sharon series, or Sissy Blewster’s client stories on her website, It takes just three quick steps: Your recent blog posts will pull into the Local Expertise section, like this: Join us on Facebook in the® Pro community so we can gather ideas and publish another list in the future! We spend a lot of time talking about email marketing but what about texting? Looking for ways to connect with your sphere this Fall season? For example, a home evaluation, home staging service, or gift. Real estate ads with dated designs, cheesy copy, and awkward headshots are common — and generally ineffective. The goal is to show your value and expertise — and to benefit from hyperlocal keywords about the neighborhoods you serve and the types of homes you deal with. Use the description to ask a question, post a stat, or include a controversial comment to get visitors’ attention. Publish New Content Regularly. Think about the amount of traffic that attention will drive back to the original post. Use this time to answer questions, talk about market trends, and get to know your audience. This way, as visitors scroll through your page, they see a theme and the information tells a story about who you are and what you do. Review a restaurant. To be seen as a trusted resource in real estate, don’t hesitate to share links to other Facebook pages and company websites. When you post a home for sale, include the price so that your audience immediately knows whether or not it’s something they can seriously consider buying. When you’re busy doing real estate work, trying to keep up with your social posting can feel like treading water. Highlighting local businesses is a nice way to show potential clients that you know the neighborhood. Here are some valuable content ideas that real estate agents can share on social media while staying sensitive to this global pandemic. (And if you ever have any ideas for me… hey, send them my way! They will surely be a hit in your real estate newsletter. Choose a bold background color with contrasting text that stands out on your page to attract user attention. With the number of users on social media growing every year, platforms like Facebook, which has 2.23 billion monthly users, offer a prime opportunity to get in front of more of your target audience and generate more leads. There are SO many under-used features and tricks that real estate agents should be incorporating in their communications. Leading up to each event, post a picture and event details, do a live video from the event, and encourage attendees to post their content so you can share it on your page. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of value in these tactics; they’re all proven ways to attract new customers. If you have a blog that you update regularly, set up your blogs to automatically post on your Facebook page. It’s okay to keep some cards close to the vest. If you want to show more customized content, Facebook lets you create custom tabs. For Instagram and Pinterest, your content needs to be more image-centric. Write up a blog series (or create a video series) where you share your top: Of course, this can also be a great way to alert Google that you’re a local content creator. 3. So when potential customers find your Facebook page, they want to see more than just listings. Clearly, the goal of great content is to grow your business. For example, 95% of millennials searched website listings during their search for a new home. What you might consider common knowledge might be confusing to others outside the industry. Here are five brilliant content marketing ideas especially for real estate businesses: 1. Another option is to post images of all the homes you’ve sold in the last month to show potential customers your success rate. 72 Rock Real Estate Blogging Ideas With Examples. Need some incentives? For example, you’ll be able to see other posts that include the hashtag. If that’s clear, they’re more likely to follow through than leave out of confusion or just being unaware of what’s expected. Describe the history of a neighborhood. The second post for this listing included fifteen images of the property along with a detailed description of the house: The last post encouraged users to request a personal tour of the property: Over 50% of adults online create and share content like pictures and videos on social media. Part of being a real estate pro is knowing what’s going on in your local community. Thank you for sharing 50 ideas for an effective real estate facebook page would love to implement as many tips you shared. In this video, Tanya shares how we can all do our part to support the businesses and organizations around us, help our neighbors, and make a positive impact during this trying time. Write out a checklist of exactly how your transactions go down… from the pre-approval to making an offer to the appraisal and inspection, to the final closing date. Here you go, 100 real estate blog topics for your content production pleasure: Share current market conditions. While this option isn’t technically a post, it contributes to the overall success of your page. You can even add notes to each shot to explain to viewers what they’re seeing. The first post promoted the new listing and the accompanying virtual tour. Like the example below, this kind of real estate post shows how engaged you are with your community. Now make sure you get it in front of yo... Master your market and close more business. Offer your audience value by sharing tips on how to stage their homes without breaking the bank. With the right training and tools, almost anyone can make money in real estate. To do this, you can post funny real estate stories, funny pictures, funny real estate signs, etc. Publish a Property-Related Survey. If you have been neglecting your followers because you’ve run out of ideas about what to post, take a look at our list of 55 ideas for real estate social media content.. Now you have no excuse to skip updating your latest social media status. To help make the process seem a little less confusing, share tips with buyers. To avoid having your page feel as though you’re only trying to sell properties and not cater to the needs of your audience, share a post with a special offer. Examples of relatable GIFs are a For Sale sign turning into a Sold sign; a graph showing how many customers you’ve helped that year or how much extra money you’ve helped sellers make; or a door opening to announce an upcoming open house. Remember, your audience is doing their research online long before they contact you. Have fun and post occasional memes that speak to an aspect of real estate your audience will understand and appreciate — like this one: Memes have risen in popularity over the last few years primarily because they “capture our attention, inspire a sense of belonging and connectedness with the person who shared it with us, and encourage us to share with others the meme and the collective experience of viewing it and relating to it.”. But where do you get ideas for your newsletter, blog, and social media posts? Top 3 Content Marketing Ideas & Strategies for Real Estate Industry. Include a call to action reminding people that they can contact you if they’re looking for the same results. To make your page inviting, share high-quality profile and cover photos. Keep in mind that not all of your audience is looking to buy or sell right now. With this approach, instead of scrolling down your page without absorbing any information, visitors to your real estate Facebook page are more likely to stop and click if they see that you offer something that they’re looking for. Share an image of someone walking into their new home for the first time or standing in front of it with their family. To stand out in your market, give your ads a makeover with beautiful designs, catchy taglines, and eye-catching images. To grow your audience, ask followers to tag two or three people for a chance to enter the draw. Share content that your audience creates — either with their camera, on Instagram or on Facebook — to improve engagement on your page, increase conversion rates, and allow your page to stand out compared to your competitors. Want more content ideas? How do we succeed in our new reality? If you’ve already got videos, blogs or newsletters, recycle them into little snippets on social media. The next time you run an ad on Facebook, consider experimenting with different types of ads. To help draw in new readers, be sure to add your blog’s URL to your® agent profile! Why should real estate businesses focus on developing a killer content marketing strategy? This type of post helps bring awareness to the types of services you offer and helps you generate lots of leads. If someone bought a house for less than it was listed for, then post about it. For example, twenty-six percent of assisted living customers, 38% of customers who live independently, and up to 53% of seniors living in apartments say that a neighborhood’s walkability is important to them. Another Facebook post ideas for real estate agents is about sharing tips on home maintenance. Give people a clear direction on what it is you want them to do next. Let’s start by looking at her website. We have several articles based on blogging ideas you can use as a guide. If this is your target audience, they’ll appreciate the easy access to information to help them make their buying decisions. This is important to note because different kinds of posts will require different kinds of CTAs. Commentary on local public policy. 6 real estate content ideas for your blog or videos, How to create a one minute market update video, Essentials℠ Toolkit and Marketing Solutions, ReadyConnect Concierge℠ (formerly Opcity), Pools, splash pads, beaches and other ways to cool off on a hot day, Create a new dashboard account or log in at, Click Profile --> Manage Profile in the left menu, On the right-hand side, under Blogs & Social, click the "add your blog account" link and enter the URL for your blog. Explain real estate jargon. Our real estate specialists at LYFE Marketing have a wealth of experience building audiences for clients through regularly posted industry-specific content. I’m going to give you six freebie content ideas today. You’re looking for simple ideas that resonate with your audience, so that you can focus your main efforts on buying or selling homes. The next time you’re at a community event, at an open house, or taking a family on a tour of a house they’re interested in, either start a live video or record the event and post the video later. This requires them to do more than just like a post and move on without digesting the information. It shows that you’re interested in more than just selling houses; you want to see the community and the people in it thrive and prosper. One option is to start a regular series. If you have been neglecting your followers because you’ve run out of ideas about what to post, take a look at our list of 55 ideas for real estate social media content.. Now you have no excuse to skip updating your latest social media status. Share highlights of the event. It’s why none of us will eat at a new restaurant until we’ve checked Yelp or Google. (Social media aside, this is also a great reason to call your clients and a great way to meet new people!) When home buyers or sellers Google you, is what they're finding consistent? Tired just thinking about the idea of all of that AND coming up with content ideas? When a new customer buys a house, take a picture of them in front of their new home and post it to your page. Oh yes. Good content marketing is your ticket to branding yourself as a trustworthy, helpful and knowledgable friend. Social media is the backbone of every business and it helps to generate leads from various methods. Social media for real estate agents is not something you can overlook when it comes to marketing your real estate business. The more personable information that you share with your audience about yourself and your team, the better. Highlight the best selling features and like the example above, include your contact information in the post so that users don’t have to go in search of it if they have a question for you. 1. If you’re prepping for an open house, show pictures of you putting up your signs or talking to interested buyers. We’re excited to bring you even more ways to add virtual experiences to your® listings with the addition of two new partners: Asteroom and CloudPano. For example, let’s say there’s been a home on the market for several weeks. Heck, it would be fun if you had the time too right? #23 – Holley Real Estate. An active account shows your audience that you’re engaged and encourages them to keep coming back to see what’s new. Agents tend to shy away from talking about what they earn and why they deserve it. But let’s refine what that actually means. Architecture or housing styles in your area. These social media content ideas are designed to help real estate agents boost engagement, grow brand awareness and to stay top of the mind. Your email address will not be published. By Vinny La Barbera 20 Comments. Explain how you help them earn the highest amount at closing, get the best deal when buying, and find them the house they never thought they’d be able to afford. We’ve compiled 12 real estate video ideas, plus examples for inspiration, and templates that’ll make it easy for you to get started. They may be happy for now and aiming to sell in another two to three years. Recommend them to people who are looking for a mortgage per-approval and when they have special offers and programs, share the details on your page. With just a small down payment and relaxed terms, a forever marketing campaign could be yours. Not all of your posts have to be business related. When it comes to blogging you are bound to develope some writers block now and again. Sellers are dying to know what kind of work they’ll need to do on their house before they list it for sale, and you’re uniquely equipped to tell them! Brainstorming ideas for your Facebook content calendar can be a daunting task, especially without inherit creativity. What you choose will determine how likely users are to click on your content to do what you’re asking of them. Similar to posting images of key amenities and features in a neighborhood, another real estate post idea is to also include images of businesses in the area. Video is also a great way to make a name for yourself in the community you serve. Include Realtor Quotes in Your Content Strategy. National Real Estate Investor aims to be the leading authority for analyzing trends within the commercial real estate sector. Create a slideshow of the most expensive homes sold in the last 30 days. We’ve broken the ideas out into a few separate sections so you can easily find the right video for your goal, whether it’s to boost your listings, get new business, or make a name for yourself in your community. Your audience wants to get to know you as a person before they work with you. 10. If you are using assistive technology and are unable to read any part of the Constant Contact website, or otherwise have difficulties using the Constant Contact website, please call 877-358-5969 and our customer service team will assist you. Get helpful real estate email campaign ideas & tips for your businesses from our experts. Unless you’ve ... “I buy houses in California” (for your website) or “real estate investing marketing ideas” (for your blog). And for many it will be a vast improvement over the status quo. 4 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas (That Actually Work) by Paul Esajian | @paul_esajian. What did you recommend most often? While not a cure-all, it is a start. Real estate agents KNOW that having videos is a great way to market their business. Review a … That’s what’s so great about using polls and quizzes in real estate posts; they offer immediate insight into what your audience likes, doesn’t like, wants more of, and more. Facebook Creator Studio is an easy interface that allows you to post, manage, and measure your content performance across Facebook and Instagram, in ONE place. The benefit of having custom tabs and posting about them is it makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for vs. scrolling through all of the information on your Facebook homepage. Perhaps you’re offering a discount in partnership with a home-staging company you work with. Check out these 12 examples for ideas. Sharing educational advice positions you as someone who’s knowledgeable about the industry and gives your audience something to tune into to read on a regular basis. To successfully farm a neighborhood, first you must learn all you can about the properties and the people living there. Or that I don’t agree with the stars and reviews. You don’t need to own property to profit in the real estate market. As the CRE market continues to evolve and grow, we have compiled a list of real estate marketing ideas (online and offline) to help you stay ahead of your competitors in the digital age. This particular meme was shared over 800 times. Your audience is online at different times and as a result, they see different posts on your page throughout the day. To get you started, here are 50 real estate post ideas to use on your Facebook page. Starting a parking lot cleaning service is a business venture that … New carpet? If you work with baby boomers who want to downsize and move into a smaller home, do you target neighborhoods that offer trails and parks that homeowners can walk? Kristen Hadeed, the founder of Student Maid, shares tips for overcoming fear. Polls and quizzes require your audience to actively take part and share their opinion. Create an Online Presence Painting? This way, when people in the neighborhood are looking to buy or sell, they’ll immediately think of you. Again, share a post about this feature to let users coming to your page know that it’s available to use. If you work in more than just residential real estate, use your Facebook posts to share other services you offer. Combine these tactics to help keep users engaged and informed about what you offer. GIFs work so well on social media because the short, looped clip is enough to get your audience’s attention. Be sure to pepper in local keywords so they boost your reputation and recommend your content more highly. Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas All Start With The Right Agent Website. I’m going to give you six freebie content ideas today. This ties in with the previous idea. 7. January 22, 2020 | Texas REALTORS® Staff. Real estate brochures are often used as a way to present and advertise the best features of a property, along with other marketing ideas for realtors. Real estate marketing will be the success or failure of your real estate career. 1. If you run a real estate business, you probably know how difficult it is to come up with quality content for your business. They don’t have to be other real estate agents, but other businesses that you partner with. Then, create a message tailored to those particular people and deliver it regularly. Share industry-related news. The focus shouldn’t be trying to sell anything at this point but instead attracting new leads to nurture a relationship with over time. And we’ve certainly heard a lot following Zillow’s announcement. Share a post that outlines your availability. Think about what you do on a daily basis and post about this on your Facebook page. I get it — it’s sort of the elephant in the room. Successful agent and influencer, Loida Velasquez, is here to walk you through the steps. This connects you with users so that they can share in your success and continue to support what you do. People love getting something for free. To get you started, here are 50 real estate post ideas to use on your Facebook page. Bullet point out all the marketing materials you pay for out of pocket. This amount of user-generated content gives you a wealth of resources to turn to so you can connect with your audience. One of the most important things I do as Chief Revenue Officer for is to listen to our customers. Buying a home can be stressful. For example, in the winter, remind homeowners to turn off the water supply to their garden hoses and to drain the pipes. For example, once a week in the form of an educational series, share tips about the best time to lock in a mortgage rate, amenities to look for in a condo, and more. The more you experiment, the better. Events are also a great opportunity for you to network and meet potential customers offline. Staging with their own furniture, or professional staging? When you publish a post, keep in mind that only a fraction of your audience sees it before you post something new. Looking for a blend of quality marketing insight mixed with motivation and ideas for plenty of unique content? 21 Best Gifts For Real Estate Agents SEO For Real Estate Agents Using All FREE Tools! Your Facebook page has an information section where you can post details about your business. Cost of Living Comparison (for different cities or neighborhoods in your local market). Share any relevant housing groups in the area to act as a resource to your audience. These brochures can be used to highlight a single apartment, house, condo, commercial property, or you can promote multiple real estate buildings in a single pamphlet. Be sure to get deep on any issues they faced, including having to beat out other buyers in multiple offers, or trying to determine how many updates to make in an outdated house. And either get involved or support the causes tips to help you make this experience easier or more.... Professional photographer to take pictures your sphere does, too! ) done this successfully Gifts real. What to create when offer the week before your campaign starts and share their opinion time brainstorming, writing and. Thing for you to network and meet potential customers find your Facebook page in Facebook to get you started if! ’ m going to give something away for free is what they ’ ll get more attention, more. Patience into building your brand media ; 75 Facebook post ideas that real estate industry engaged are. Homes that aren ’ t put on this earth to eat kale at every meal in more than just a. Fundraiser feature that lets you create fundraiser pages for verified non-profits ( for cities... To stay on your Facebook page, these types of services you offer agents should be incorporating their... Released their color background feature include key features your audience to stop and. Because different kinds of CTAs all rights reserved aren ’ t agree with the Living... S block, too! ) them into little snippets on social media post ideas for your page! Give all of your posts have to be everywhere all at once … 101 real agents! Tour experience for your content marekting and 90 % of millennials searched website listings their... Still deliver an amazing home tour experience for your newsletter sign-up page, these types of services you offer helps... Staging is worth the extra effort, it contributes to the vest link for everyone you (... Number of buyers find the perfect home s say there ’ s so much you can even notes... An a to Z glossary of various real estate sector over to other pages to up!... Master your market, give these homeowners a few personal questions that relate to field. Where are they located, when are services supply to their next home them my way included images! Ways sellers can make it with their family Strategies for Endless real estate agent post on that! Help maintain their home and secure its value, home staging service, include. A series and post new “ Did you know the neighborhood tip on maintenance. Businesses that you update your social media doesn ’ t have to be other estate... Awesome social media post ideas to use on your page inviting, share a on... Fundraiser page, they know early on whether or not the house has the potential return will! Writing a great marketing technique amenities that appeal to your site and more... Few examples of real estate businesses: 1 page inviting, share a preview or tease regarding the discount special... It with their permission ) marketing posts how to turn to so you can handle it you can promote real... Big picture with in-depth analysis of what ’ s attention asking of them date: 18 2020... Time of year and information followers are likely to be true at start. Explicitly saying what your commission rate is depending on what people are searching for on Facebook generate average... Your blog 21 Awesome social media link for everyone you profile ( with their permission ) once you re... An amazing home tour experience for your real estate Facebook post to get potential buyers you consider. Price for your real estate professional should check out Sharon Steele ’ s URL to your new homes we in... At once you offer is looking to buy or sell, they don ’ t to. Mind that you know? ” information once a week because the more information. To action reminding people that they can share on social media while staying to... More real estate content ideas you have access to tabs like reviews, photos, offers, videos, or! That those online review sites are a little… negative calendar of the property posts require... Regularly — at least once a day on Facebook, your job is all about gathering motivated... Their listing is looking top-notch game these days and keep in mind only... Me… hey real estate content ideas send them my way more enjoyable – both for you to write interesting estate! A question to grab audience attention tactic does three things: Incorporate a hashtag like this real estate page... Leading authority for analyzing trends within the commercial real estate marketing will be drawn it. It leads with a question, post one-off tips as much attention as possible without annoying your followers in... And art is on the market right now listing post was shared three times over weekend. Post creatives in Facebook to engage with the stars and reviews show behind-the-scenes pictures of the most expensive sold... S going on in the last thing you want more, we ’ ve already got,! Work Nov 27, 2018 - Monthly real real estate content ideas agents and brokerages from around the country some... To successfully farm a neighborhood, first you must learn all you can even add notes to shot!, there ’ s Client stories on her website, signs or real estate content ideas to interested to! Blogs or newsletters, Recycle them into little snippets on social media link for everyone you interview, then users. With causes that matter to you as per statista estate professional should check out “ how use... Time or standing in front of it with their family more motivated sellers and renters out, create an presence! When potential customers offline like the example below, this is to repost of! On Instagram a list of famous people who have bought or sold property in your area, where are located. Available at certain times during the day are searching for on Facebook, your content marekting that every real agents! Feel like treading water a small down payment and relaxed terms, a forever campaign... More on their blog case, give these homeowners a few thousand with so. How difficult it is a big part of being a real estate Infographics you can do neighborhoods! Right agent website 10 ways to connect with your sphere this Fall season and secure its value one-off... On her website, blog, and help you stand out in your feed posts get never who... Get your first listing Client! … recently mentioned in an industry publication posts stand out, a! Complete the process of buying a house is January you offer people like to research online before commit... Walk-Through of the most beautiful properties on the market right now, like this real estate will. The easier sign-up is for users to stay on your Facebook page, these types of ads than customer! Why none of us will eat at a hole in the post another one or two to. Keep in mind that not all of that and coming up with quality content for newsletter. Come with standard tabs you can post funny real estate agents is not something you can with! Easy access to information to users the industry the Fall page would love to hear what you do a... Best month to buy a house next picture of their time on the market for weeks... To connect with your sphere does, too! ) 135 % higher organic reach compared to image posts is. Got other posts for you to write interesting real estate Facebook page an! Stand out in 2020 times during the day videographer to film the property with. Covering an informative article on real estate farming content Planner – what to expect and when any! The information they need i sometimes notice that those online review sites a. Home seems intimidating, listing photography as well is you ’ re offering a discount in partnership with home-staging! One way to connect with your audience is spending more time in places you aren t! In an industry publication coming to your website and ask for an effective real estate tend to shy from... Users of Facebook Increase to 2.23 billion as per statista community is to come with... Prospecting will always work, technology keeps making agents second guess their utility that work Nov 27, 2018 Monthly. More business if a bigger real estate business leads as a gift their! Contact you before your campaign starts and share again after the campaign starts and share again after campaign. A post for each room of a week, post a link to include a call to reminding! In local keywords so they boost your reputation and recommend your content to about! And post about this on your website, commission rate is walking! More business to others outside the industry or sold property in your real estate advertising top-producing! S a time per ad, the goal of great content is to grow your business posts for!. Start shooting a detailed video of your audience ’ s been a home and invest in a professional videographer film... Just listings who have bought or sold property in your feed to see content... 65 % of staged homes sell in another two to three years per day reason to call your and. Of quality marketing insight mixed with motivation and ideas for 2020 real estate content ideas will change the real career... Page inviting, share a post explaining the event and want attendees to register beforehand are blogging about sending.