I agree, but I think he started as that nightlight, became a humanoid firgure that seemingly only Arthur could see (shortly after he stopped taking his meds), to a fully tangible hero that continues to get bigger and stronger. February 27, 2019. Arthur and Tick converse with Midnight, who tells the two to tread carefully in the public eye, … Reviews There are no reviews yet. 3. It makes me feel like I no longer need a Tick origin story and can just enjoy the character for who he is. But now, I wonder if they'll worry about a Tick origin. We're better off living in the moment. I agree. The perfect TheTick Tick Arthur Animated GIF for your conversation. RELATED: 10 MCU Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movies In Phase 4 Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. The 2001 live action Tick series reveals more of Arthur's early life and that he had a sister and a mother whose name was Bea. I kinda hope they never really reveal anything 100% and just leave things up for fan speculation. The Tick: I am the wild blue yonder. The Tick Arthur Hug T-Shirt. The Tick, Arthur, Dot, and the rest of the family must battle The Duke and AEGIS itself. In the 2001 Patrick Warburton I think the Tick starts out at a gas station making nonsensical ponderings about life. All this is certainly possible, and hinted at in the series, but it is left deliberately ambiguous and open to speculation (like yours!). Let's not forget the Tick's backstory in the comics, where he is actually an amnesiac monster that became a superhero. It's the one I'm most familiar with atm. With Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Brendan Hines. 713 Views . he works very well in that role, occasionally making the game-winning play. Your theory is a nice way to tie the two states together, but I doubt that was the plan. This is "The Tick - Arthur" by InSync PLUS on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Tbh in the first few episodes I thought the tick was completely in Arthur's head. He’s lovely to play because he’s like a big blue golden retriever.”. I'm not sure that Dot finding her powers really plays into it, particularly with how we see Arthur views her actions going further into the second series (I can't remember exactly when everything happens, so avoiding spoilers). I was thinking the same. It is also known that Arthur is of Jewish descent. But the PTSD suppressed his powers, and his body's reaction was that eye tick. But it looks like we might not get definitive answers there. He is dressed up to be a moth causing himself to have the ability to fly when needed. I wish I could imagine a new season into reality :(. This has been my theory for the Amazon version of the Tick, too. 2min. The Tick and Arthur book. Even if you're tired. Press J to jump to the feed. The Terror had used a weaponized version of syphilisto destroy the Flag 5's eyes causing them to crash. (I don't think it works with previous incarnations). “[Tick] was looking around at everyone, and everyone seemed to be suggesting to him indirectly that he should be more worried about this than he is. Then again, this is what he wants, so who am I to feel sorry for him? Arthur came into the possession of the bunny suit that he wears, giving him the ability to extend large wings and fly (by flapping them a lot). Also Walter is The Terror. That was great! Tick made the mistake of admitting his feelings to Arthur -- and has to figure out exactly how they work before he can explain them to Arthur. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As a result his powers began to manifest themselves in a very unique way. — Arthur's battle cry. Arthur wears a moth suit, which gives him the ability to fly, but he is often mistaken for a bunny because of the shape and size of his costume's antennae, and the fact that his wings are usually folded up. Not in the face! I rewatched the 1st episode and as a boy The Tick voice spoke to Arthur as a child. Created by Ben Edlund. I think given the disparity in tone between the pilot and now that that may have been the case behind the scenes.